Anyone used the G1X underwater housing? Good?

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Re: Anyone used the G1X underwater housing? Good?

Rod McD wrote:

Thanks Lars - the voice of experience there - especially about the potential limitations of the WP case above the surface. Food for thought......

I like the G1X and it's IQ but I've had to be very careful kayaking etc. The only other alternative is either go smaller (I also have a G12) but the Canon WP case for that would have the same issues, or buy one of the Olympus or Panasonic tough/WP cameras, which all have small sensors....... and the internet has quite a few examples of these failing (ie admitting water).

I don't understand why the camera manufacturers seem to tie outdoor/underwater usage to small sensors and folded light path optics. Why wouldn't people taking outdoor shots in more difficult situations also want the better IQ given by larger sensor sizes and better cameras? Why can't they simply make a small direct light path WP camera with decent circular hatches and real "o" rings? OK enough ranting.....

Thanks again. Cheers, Rod


there is another thread that deals with your application and some low cost solutions, might be interesting:

Good luck,


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