Fuji Lenses being used on a full frame in the future?

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Re: Fuji Lenses being used on a full frame in the future?

steelneck wrote:

Well.. out of curiosity i just held my Fuji 60mm against the lens mount of my old Chinon CM-4 (K-mount), focused on a newspaper by moving forward until i reached sharpness in the split screen. I could not spot any vignetting what so ever out in the corners of the viewfinder, the corners also looked just as sharp as the center part. To me this says that at least the may cover full frame.

I tried the same with the 18 and 35mm, but with these i could not reach sharpness since the mount distance on the Chinon is too long. Though i could not see any obvious vignetting in the corners.

If someone have a digital SLR, please try to take a picture with the 60mm held to the lens mount, and post the result. I think we may be in for a supprise.

Usually longer focal lengths will work with both full frame and APS-C.  Also, a macro at close focus generally has a larger image circle.  In the case of Nikon 35mm f/1.8, it is okay at minimum focus, bad at infinity focus on full frame.


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