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Re: Given that Canon updated the 28/2.8 instead of the 28/1.8

Steve Balcombe wrote:

So I'm thinking that if I was Canon, I'd be looking at one lens to replace both the 50/1.4 and 50/1.8 - i.e. a 50/1.7 IS. That could be a terrific low light performer, with very decent narrow DoF capability. By offering an f/1.7 instead of an f/1.4, a clear differential between the L and the non-L is maintained. And the price could be just that little bit keener than an f/1.4 IS.

My Minolta MD 50mm was a 1.7, but I can't think of a single EOS lens based on 1/2 stop settings so  I think a 1.7 is about a zero chance.  But I do agree with your logic there.  I would say a 50/1.8 IS or an f2 IS are more likely.  Thing is though that either of those will still cost more than the current 50/1.4 so I doubt Canon would discontinue the 50/1.8.  I mean they are still making the 17-85 some three years after the 15-85 came out.

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