Nikon 180mm f2.8 or the new Sigma 180mm f2.8 macro?

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Re: My Thoughts and Some Various Examples

Thank you all for the replies... I am tending towards the nikon, mainly because of its size.  In one of the links provided above, the sigma is shown mounted on a canon 5d II, and it looks Huge!

Manual focus is not an option... My twins will be doing swimming for three more years at school, and I need AF. My current setup is the 135mm f2.0 nikkor on a d700, and it focuses fast enough, but it is short on occasion - sometimes I resort to making the area to be DX sized.

Bh photo has the Nikon for about $760 (grey market) which seems a good price.

To make the decision slightly more complicated, I found the sigma for $1255, which is by the way about $400 less than what the lens is sold at bhphoto or adorama

but I have never heard of the webpage and don't know if they are reputable.

Decisions, decisions...


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