Panasonic 7~14mm or Olympus 12mm ?

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Re: Thanks for all the replies and suggestions

wazu wrote:

Anders W wrote:

wazu wrote:

Coincides with my reasoning also. The Panasonic 7-14 is an


What do you mean and is that positive or negative?


Figured so, but what do you mean?


Could you please provide an example of a lighter UWA zoom that goes as wide?

I'm waiting for a fast light ultra-wide prime (>200g 7 or 8mm >f4) It doesn't exist yet so I bought the versatile light cheap good quality works well with Olympus 9-18 in the meantime.

So "heavy" = "lightest available with these specs".


Could you please provide an example of a significantly cheaper UWA zoom that is as wide, fast, and performs as well.

It will come.

So "expensive" = "about as cheap as it currently gets with these specs and this performance"

prone to purple flare

clump that won't take filters easily

What filters would you want to use with it?

ND Infrared UV ( for protection, I hate cleaning front lens element in field in case grit rubs the coating off ) I even bought a CP for mine but haven't seen how good it works yet.

ND? If you want to shoot waterfalls or things like that, set the camera to burst mode, fire away, and merge in post. You can then leave your ND as well as your tripod at home.

Infrared? For what purpose? There is already an infrared filter on the sensor.

UV for protection? I used to do that but have stopped doing it. Unless you buy very expensive UVs, the coatings makes these filters very difficult to clean, far more difficult than cleaning the front element. They cause additional problems with flare and cost money. I do keep hoods on all my lenses for protection and that has hitherto proven sufficient.

Polarizer? Of questionable value on UWAs because of the uneven effect. 28 mm equivalent is usually considered the limit for succesful use of polarizers. Exceptions might exist but they are pretty rare.

. It doen't work well with Olympus.

Exactly what doesn't work as well with Olympus?

CA and distortion correction, perhaps focusing.

Distortion? No. Focusing? No. Lateral (but not longitudinal) CA? Yes, but only if you shoot OOC jpegs. For those who shoot RAW, there is no problem.

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