Thoughts on where Sigma are going to go next

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Thoughts on where Sigma are going to go next

Or actually next plus one... since it is highly likely that the next "Digital Neo" lens will follow the plan they have used before, and reuse the 50mm lens from the recently announced DP3 Merrill.

The 19mm, 30mm and the assumed 50mm are at focal lengths that suit APS-C not because Sigma is focusing on NEX, but because these lens designs come from their DP Merrill cameras. But the fourth lens in the line will be a clean sheet design. I think the fourth lens will also be a prime.

The trouble is... even though m43 has twice the market share of NEX, they will want to design lenses that throw a APS-C image circle so they can be used on both, even if the focal length chosen is more optimal for m43 than what they've produced so far.

Because of this, I don't think they are going to produce anything below 12mm, which on NEX is the same angle of view as 18mm on Full Frame. In the 35mm SLR Film days, primes any wider than this were always pretty specialist (some were only made to order). I had previously hoped that Sigma would step in and make a 9mm prime for m43, but having thought about it, that doesn't make any business sense for Sigma or any other 3rd party lens company.

12mm would not be too bad on m43, a lens that is 1 stop slower than the Oly 12mm but significantly undercuts it in price would be welcome.

Another possibility is a 24mm or 25mm. This would be a normal lens on m43, and give a similar aov on NEX to a 35mm. The seriously painful cost of the NEX Zeiss 24mm is one thing that put me off going for the NEX system, because this angle of view is one I use more than anything. Sigma could produce a lens that is slower but significantly cheaper than the Zeiss 24mm or the Panny Leica 25mm (in other words, there is a gap in the market here on both systems). But being bang in the middle of the 19mm and 30mm they make at the moment, I can't see this one happening.

My money is on a prime longer than 50mm, probably quite close focusing so it can sort of be used as a Macro.

Any other thoughts?

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