Best DSLR + lens combo for low light, indoor kid shots

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Re: Realistic expectations- pro AF

cyrano wrote:

tedandtricia wrote:

I'm well aware of what flash can accomplish. I will definitely add that to my toolkit and use where appropriate. There are some photos that absolutely require flash, but there are also photos in that gray area where flash would make it easy and but a skilled photographer with the right equipment can get it done without flash. My inquiry here is about getting the right equipment to do the latter in those situations where it is possible to do without flash.

The situation you're facing is the most difficult one possible: Low light + fast subject movement + close camera-to-subject distances.These conspire to make huge demands on the camera/lens system:

  • Fast subject movement forces high shutter speed.
  • High shutter speed combined with low light forces large aperture, even with high ISO.
  • Large aperture combined with close camera-to-subject distance results in very shallow depth of field.
  • Shallow depth of field demands extreme accuracy in focusing.

Thus, you need equipment which can track focus with extreme accuracy on rapidly-moving subjects in low light. Top-end professional dSLRs and lenses have autofocus systems which can do this, but I'm not aware of any inexpensive gear which can.

Very well put.

What top pro DSLR models do you have experience with that have AF systems that are up to the task, in your mind? Give me an idea of what you consider sufficient to meet these demands vs what you consider "inexpensive" gear.

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