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daddyo wrote:

You're right about the eyes -- she was a very pretty lady:-)

As far as the 35-100mm, one thing that impressed me was that AF was both instant and accurate. I wasn't initially sure how fast the lens would focus on my E-M5, but that is no longer a concern.

This lens will really come in handy next month as I travel to Orlando to shoot another large corporate conference. A large part of that shoot will involve shooting ambient light educational sessions in dimly lit conference rooms. The size, clarity and speed of this lens will be a godsend!

I also am about to unload a fair amount of DSLR gear:-D

God Bless,


I greg, thanks for your comments, and for showing your lighting setup. I'm playing with lights at home, and any new thing I learn is most welcome

I question for you: you wrote you intend to shoot a dimly lit event with the 2.8 panasonic zooms. Are you so confident in the high iso capabilities of the OM-D?
I'm loving the little nimble camera, but I find that even f1.8 often just doesn't cut it, and I don't really like what I see over iso800.
Do you find it works ok for you at higher isos?

Many thanks,


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