Panasonic 7~14mm or Olympus 12mm ?

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Re: Thanks for all the replies and suggestions

Anders W wrote:

wazu wrote:

Coincides with my reasoning also. The Panasonic 7-14 is an


What do you mean and is that positive or negative?

Hi Anders,UWA lenses are exotic in the sense that they make up a tiny percentage of all images taken .To use an UWA lens more than other focal lengths you would need to be working in an ironically narrow niche.


Could you please provide an example of a lighter UWA zoom that goes as wide?


It is the second most expensive lens in the system only out priced by the 35-100

Could you please provide an example of a significantly cheaper UWA zoom that is as wide, fast, and performs as well.

That does not change the fact that it is expensive , there are few who would not consider an £850 lens expensive. For most people I suspect expensive is an absolute term , specifically related to a the actual price. As opposed to a comparative term when compared to other lenses in or out of the system.

prone to purple flare

I am not so sure your particular scenario would be particularly prone to flare as the sources of light in it are tiny in the image and would thus be very easy to correct in post. Whereas the original images that seemed to start the discussion would be a far more difficult to stop flare

clump that won't take filters easily

What filters would you want to use with it?

While the field of view is to wide to use polarisers due to the uneven effect across the image . I have a number of filters I use on my 14-24 including various ND filters which are actually very useful for my interest of landscape photography.

. It doen't work well with Olympus.

Exactly what doesn't work as well with Olympus?

Is this lens effected by CA which is obviously corrected on a Panasonic body while not being corrected on an Olympus body.

Now, for declarations sake i do not own the E-M5 or the 7-14 and I am thus merely playing devils advocate



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