Observation on EM-5 users

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Re: Observation on EM-5 users

MAubrey wrote:

Allan Brown wrote:

But, it is the Oly fanboys who are really to blame. Their unnatural love affair with the EM5 creates the hype in the first place. You can see the tears in their eyes when they talk about it. Guys, it is just a camera, a toy. There are far better cameras out there if you want the best.

I'm yet to have witness that particular phenomenon...

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And, seriously--and I'm not trying to be provocative here--I think true Oly "fanboys" are pretty rare. There are many who rhapsodize about their OM-D, but they then go and slap a Panny Oly 7-14mm on 12-5mm on it. In contrast, I've read posts by Panny fanboys who categorically state that they'll buy nothing but Panasonic gear: Panny lenses for their Panny cameras and that's that. (Fortunately these posts aren't common, but they're more common than the Oly fanboy who states the opposite.)

The OM-D was a game-changing camera, and many have fallen in love with it. Emphasize it, not the company.

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