x100 Some awful photos I took last night

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Re: x100 Some awful photos I took last night

Well I don't think they are that bad. You are limited in what you can do by the light. There is no way that you can freeze the motion of the performer in the first image with any camera or system in that light. 1/15" is 1/15" and what happens in that instant of time is captured. What the camera "sees" is the time when the head is moving and that is what it looked like. Obviously because of the overall sharpness at 1/15" and 1/20" you did indeed hold the camera steady. I imagine that your elbows may have been braced on a table, tripod style or you might even have set the camera on a prop like a glass or beer bottle which is a very useful trick. No suggestions on keeping the camera still because overall you did very well.

I believe that the WB probably did a great job in capturing exactly what the lighting was. In real life our eyes trick us into casually interpreting the light into "normal" daylight and unless you train yourself or relax and actually "see" what you are seeing you may not realize that the faces are red or blue because of the lighting. My experience with Fuji leads me to believe that probably the auto WP did a great job.

Grain? I dont know. What might you expect? You used 3200 which a few short years ago results like this would have been astounding. Converting to B & W sometimes also converts the grain into a more pleasing result. One of the excellent features of this camera is the ability to capture low noise images at 3200.  I do not think the images from a mechanical standpoint are really that bad at all.

Composition-wise I might have used the horizon line to level the images so that the upper horizontal was indeed horizontal. I like the composition and the capture of the dancers, the drummer. I think that they are pretty good. You obviously know how to "take pictures". Low light clubs are difficult. The camera is discreet has a flash and can capture low light. I disagree that it is not suitable for these situations. Go back take more shots. I hope these positive suggestions might be usedful to you.

Thanks for sharing.

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