I shake, but like taking pictures. Any advice?

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I shake, too. But now I have the cameras that work for me.

I have essential tremor, also.  Its different from Parkinsons in that with Parkinsons, you shake more when you are at rest.  With essential tremor, you shake when you try to do something.  There's a frequency difference, as well - with essential tremor, you shake at about twice the frequency of Parkinsons.  Its a progressive but not debilitating condition - you don't die from it. Its what Katherine Hepburn had in her later years. Its really just a big annoyance you learn to work around.

Over the last couple of years, Ive become more and more frustrated with the poor quality of my pictures with both my E-PL2 and my iPhone.  Ive always been an available light fan, and the low shutter speeds were more and more of a problem -  I was having to keep shutter speeds above 1/125th or faster, causing me to up the ISO, which of course degraded the picture quality. I also would shoot 3-shot bursts to try to get one good frame.  But, thanks to new technologies in two devices, the tremor isn't an obstacle anymore to most of my picture-taking.

For my pocket camera, I use the new Nokia Lumia 920 phone which has an optical stabilization system.  It takes very good pictures.  I know DPR just reveiwed it and was for the most part unimpressed, but if you read the review, the really big deal is the stabilization.  Since almost none of my iPhone 4s pictures could be blown up more than the phone screen size without visible blur, the 920 capabilities are amazing.  It was worth the change-over from the iOS to Windows phone ecosystem.

For my "real" camera, its no surprise it's the E-M5. After I saw the essential tremor E-M5 video at http://vimeo.com/41085256 , it completely changed my perspective.  The shaking in those videos without the stabilization turned on is about like mine is. I bought an E-M5 a couple of weeks ago and have been very, very pleased with the stabilization, giving me much more quality at lower speeds.  I'm getting good results down to 1/30th and often to 1/15th. Thats a huge change from the 1/125th I had to use previously. Now I worry about subject movement, rather than camera movement!

If you are not after a higher end model, Oly just announced a 5-axis point & shoot model, but its probably a few months away from availability.

The technology is there to help remove your ET from the photographic equation - it really does work...

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