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Looks like a fantastic camera, but I don´t like the X-trans sensor. I own the X100 and the X-E1, but i really prefer the X100 look of the files. I´m a RAW shooter, but I listened to the jpg hype of the X-pro1 and X-E1. I´m really dissappointed!

X100S without X-Trans would really have been interesting, but I´ll never buy another cam with this sensor...


You don't need to collect them all. If a camera doesn't meet your needs or desires don't buy it, no need whinge on about it.

No I don´t need to. But there seems to be a lot of improvements on the X100S, but the downside is the X-Trans sensor. I will sell the X-E1 + 35mm + zoom. Really, really dissapointed

I´m sure Fuji could have made some good stuff out of the 16 mp Sony sensor, without "X-transing" it.. Look what they did with the X100! (12mp Sony sensor?).

Out of curiosity, what is the source of your disappointment?

Well, for some reason I don´t get as sharp files as with the X100. Neither with the 35mm or the zoom, neither in jpg or raw. That really surprises me...

Hm, unusual. Sharpness isn't typically a concern that comes up a lot.

What's your typical print size? A lot of people like it soft, but you seem to be falling in the 'sharp' camp. Perfectly fine. What are the in-camera sharpness settings you use? You are not satisfied with the sharpness even at f/8 and very fast shutter speeds (blur vs. true sharpness)?

I´m not shooting the 35mm so much at f8, I like to shoot at large apertures. I´m disappointed with the focus speed of both the 35mm and the zoom, especially in low light. And after all the praise I hoped both would be sharper, or is it just the sensor? Or is it me?

Yes... and I miss the OVF, but that´s my own fault. I´ll probably sell and wait for the X-pro3 or something without X-trans

Still love the X100 though. What a fantastic camera! I´ve captured some of my best pictures with it, no doubt

The 35mm f/1.4 lens is one of the sharpest lenses I have used, even at f/2 it is very good.

That being said, in low light the lens can have a tendency to focus on something that it shouldn't, often rear focusing slightly.

Your best bet to get accurate focus is adjust the size of the focus point (either smaller or larger depending on what fits your situation).  Larger tends to make it easier to lock, smaller tends to make it easier to lock on the spot you want it too.

I think if you want to wait for something without X-Trans you might be waiting for a while.  If that is a holdup switch to a cameras now.  I also have a Samsung NX20 with 30mm f/2 lens and focus is much quicker with it than the Fuji, and it is a very affordable option if you get a deal.

Here is a smaple from my Fuji XP1/35mm. Click on the image and check out the 100% crop of the baby's face.  This is JPEG from camera, with the sharpness maybe 1 step harder than neutral.


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