the Q is starting to produce some usable results

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Re: the Q is starting to produce some usable results

"Am i missing something.?

The image as presented looks like a poor quality lens pushed to optical extremes."

Unfortunately, this forum is a poor place to get feedback on image quality. Even very poor images are greeted with "Great shot! You nailed it!" etc. Posters are afraid to be honest in case thay hurt the photographer's feelings, it seems. Even gently-worded feedback can result in defensive and sometimes abusive responses. This situation is counter-productive, IMHO, as it's difficult to improve when you believe you're already good.

The other possibility is that many posters are new to photography and honestly can't tell a poor-to-mediocre shot from a good one.

Anyways... I can't see any possibility that a Q could produce decent images with long lenses when used for birding. If all you want is to be able to ID a species, this combination would be fine, but you may be better off going with an extreme megazoom point and shoot.

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