New LX7 not sharp enough, what am I doing wrong??

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Re: New LX7 not sharp enough, what am I doing wrong??

Hi Erik,

After reading all of the comments, I feel that you should pick up another ZS19 as a spare to keep with you in case one of them fails on your trip.  Hey, it does the job for you, why change?  It's pretty nice to be able to use the same camera without any learning curve as to what does what.  And even the accessories are the same.

I, like you, am very satisfied with my ZS & FZ pictures.   I remember shooting film (35mm) and getting rather grainy 8x10's and 11x14's.  When I wanted a really nice 8x10, I would use one of my 2 1/4's.  I have almost bought an LX, but with deeper thinking, can't honestly answer why, except many people are singing its praise.  After all, aren't I doing this for a hobby?

Whatever is your choice, have a wonderful trip.  I am envious.

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