Regrettably rx1 returning.

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Re: Too bad

Len_Gee wrote:

Priaptor wrote:

I on the other hand own an M9 + 50 Summilux for close to two years, waited 3 months to get the 50 Sum because I love the lens and despite my love for the camera, tried and bought an RX-1 actually own and use both and can unequivocally state the output from the RX-1 has better IQ and dynamic range-not even in the same league.

My point was your irrelevant comments comparing two cameras, neither one you own. That is "my problem".


You've made some very interesting comments re: OP reasons for returning his RX1.

Would you care to post some comparison pics taken with your M9+50 Summilux and RX1 as I am interested in the fact that you say "unequivocally state the output from the RX-1 has better IQ and dynamic range-not even in the same league"?

Look forward to some side-side pics from your M9 and RX1.


Will do.  Right now out in Montana enjoying the skiing but will take some similar exposures and views to show differences.

Mind you, I LOVE my M9+Summilux.  There is much about this camera that you can love (and hate) but it is NOT an RX-1.  I am the first to recognize the RX-1 is a niche camera, however, for most who are not professionals or wildlife photo hobbyists, etc, the RX-1 will fulfill 95% of ones needs.

I have been into photography since 1981, have owned tons of DSLRs understand their advantages, particularly when it comes to special circumstances and would NEVER advocate for a professional shooting a wedding, sporting event, etc, to use an RX-1.  I wouldn't even advocate an RX-1 for an everyday camera if you don't have or want to spend the bucks.

What I am is a person, who has scaled down the size of my camera collection to cover what I would like to shoot 98+% of the time and can unequivocally state the RX-1 does it better than my M9, which is currently up for sale (still holding on to the Summilux).

I have done a ton of wildlife in the wilds of Montana with my 400 DO, but just don't have the desire anymore. A life choice.  I rather hike unencumbered.  Again, not advocating, as I think the 400 DO may be the best hand held wildlife lens ever made and the most berated lens when taken out of context.  I bring it up only in the context of portability and the the latitude in freeing one up to explore compared to heavier alternatives.

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