Which lens to use with my studiowork?

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Re: Which lens to use with my studiowork?

EdwinB wrote:

I just started a small studio in my garage ( 4x3m). I thought that the best lens for studiowork ( faces, half body) should be in the range of lets say 80-120mm ( FF equiv. ). I have enough distance of the subject than. I used my Sony 55-200

After my first shoot with my daughter she said to me: " it looks like i am a little blownup in my face.....:-( " ( most shots on 100mm).

I need another lens thats for sure ...what do you recommend. The distance of the subject is about 2,5 m i will do faces and half body shots.

I just use the 16-50 f2/8 for 90% of my work in my home studio, which ranges from full height to head portraits..

I just move closer if I need to , but I find the 16-50 gives reasonable pixel level IQ at f/7.1 and looks better then my 35 f/1.8, 50 f/1.8 and 85 f/2.8

Horses for courses, but with a small studio (as we seem to have), the 16-50 is very flexible!

I guess if you want more range, you could look at the Tamron 70-300 SP Di USD which is optically similar to the Sony 70-300G..

Or go for a longer prime, the 85 f/2.8 is very good value for money.

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