D800 incredible tonal range recovery

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Re: D800 incredible tonal range recovery

Dennishh wrote:

What I found so amazing about this image was the white window frame that was getting direct sunlight both in the foreground in the background each of which detail was brought back in. In capture one this image was overexposed by almost 5 stops. My Canon 1DsMK3 and 5DMK2 from what I remember would've had severe trouble pulling this detail back. I'd love to see someone try overexposing five or six stops with both cameras and seeing what actually happens. The encouraging part of this is knowing that it's possible to shoot quite a bit to the right and still recover much of the image. This would be quite useful for some HDR's eliminating the grain in the shadows. I'm going to run some tests to see how far I can go.

You didn't quite understand what I wrote.

There is no resiliency against overexposure in any digital camera made today.  There is only the way in which you use your tools to either inform or misinform you about where your true exposure is.  In this case, it seems you did not know where the clipping point really was.  That is because you are using tone curves and other processing in a way that would give you false information. And you are drawing a false conclusion.  Your life can be easier.

Take that picture back to Capture One.  Use the "linear" camera profile.  No tone curve.  No exaggeration of highlights to look like they are a stop hotter than they /really/ are.  Only the real numbers.  This is a much better indication of what your true exposure was.  You should understand that using any tone curve besides "neutral" or "linear" (e.g., "standard") gives you a false reading of where your true exposure is.

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