Problems with color shift (White Balance) on Nikon D800

Started Jan 19, 2013 | Discussions thread
Luke Kaven Veteran Member • Posts: 5,705
Re: Problems with color shift (White Balance) on Nikon D800

Two things.

In most arena lights, the color spectrum changes radically during every cycle.  If you are shooting at 1/320, you will catch only a part of each cycle, and the colors will be changing.  If you want to verify that this is or isn't happening, take a few shots at 1/60th (or 1/50th if that is your power line frequency) to see if the color is consistent between shots.

You may experience some very slight thermal noise effects, but, this is very unlikely to be your problem at 1/320.  You are at least a couple of stops from being able to see thermal noise.  If you want to verify whether this is a problem for you, then pause during one of these sequences, and take a black frame exposure with the lens cap on and eyepiece shutter closed, and basically the camera in a black bag.  Look at the black frame to determine just how much contribution is being made by thermal noise.  I don't think it will be much.

With these two tests, you can definitively narrow down the cause of your problem.

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