Fotodiox FD-NEX: Manual Exposure & Aperture Control Question

Started Jan 19, 2013 | Questions thread
Radu Iordache Forum Member • Posts: 76
Re: Fotodiox FD-NEX: Manual Exposure & Aperture Control Question

psrkn wrote:

Thank you - Radu. The adapter was in the "LOCK" position. I saw the aperture turning inside the adapter as I turned the aperture ring without connecting to the camera. I was using the manual exposure mode, so I set the shutter speed, aperture and ISO by myself. How come as I changed the aperture value to different value e.g from 2 to 11, and kept the shutter speed and ISO number constant as before. The brightness of the picture is the same.

Please advise.

Changing the aperture on the camera does not make any difference as it cannot control the lens. So if you set it to whatever value, the light that is coming inside is still the same because aperture is set by you mnanualy on the lens. So what you say is normal.


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