how you determind / do i need to worry about Camera Shutter Durabilty / lifepsan / actuations ?

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How many million miles do you expect a car to last?

rick80 wrote:

1.does QC requires more than hundreds shots ?

SLRs need to have the autofocus system calibrated.  I could see that easily using hundreds of shots.  Some would take more than others. Even 1000 photos out of 100000 is a drop in the bucket. i wrong to complaint for expensive gadget, to last longer . like when you get a brand new bike , how do you feel when you find out that you bike only usable for 1 mile ? its kind of dissapointing. Probably for you some of you guys who hapens to be a rich people it doesnt matter at all. just throw it to the dumpster and get a brand new one.

If you buy an expensive car do you expect it to last longer?  In my experience with cars the simpler, less expensive ones are usually more durable than the expensive ones with lots of gadgets.  That is particularly true if you compare a modest sedan to a high performance car.  If you drive a car 500 miles a day they are not going to last 10 years regardless of what type you buy. And unless you are retired or a professional most people are going to wonder how you have time to take 500 photos or drive 500 miles a day.

With both cameras and cars durability is just one of many features that determines how much it will cost.  With most expensive cameras you are paying for the additional performance and capabilities they offer.  Since upper end cameras are typically bought by people that take a lot of pictures they do put more durable shutters in them.  But as with all rapidly moving mechanical parts they are going to wear out.  Buy a camera that has the features you need and expect to replace it when the time comes.  Expect to clean the sensor from time to time too.

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