Best camera for live music?

Started Jan 16, 2013 | Discussions thread
frank-in-toronto Senior Member • Posts: 1,034
Re: Best camera for live music?

RMitch wrote:

... That said, the dated F717 (whch has a great lens) has auto focus, though it has to be used sparingly because of the infra red (?) beam which can annoy patrons and/or musicians.

the af assist beam is the first thing to turn off. and cover it with tape just in case it gets turned back on accidently.  it's like a searchlight on the receiving end.  if you can see, any modern dslr will focus.  at this time the nex and the olympus omd-e5 are at the top of the pile for small cameras.  for less money you could get a low end dslr from canon or nikon but you'd probably lose the use of those classic lenses you like so much.

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