D600 Dust Problem – solved for me – excellent service from Nikon in Australia

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Re: D600 Dust Problem – solved for me – excellent service from Nikon in Australia

PaulF2 wrote:

I purchased a D600 at the end of September 2012. I few days later I noticed many spots on the sensor, I took it in to get the sensor cleaned at Nikon. I went on to shoot 10,000 frames and the dust/spot problem continued. I took it for a second clean and next day the spots returned. I tried to keep them at bay with the rocket blower, however it was a losing battle, .. some just would not budge.

Debris still building up after 10,000 frames. Seems the source is internal and is not going away.

This week I called Nikon Service and asked for their advice. They said to take it to the Nikon dealer where I purchased it. When I walked in to my friendly shop, they said that Nikon Service had already called and they immediately swapped it over for a new D600. I then said flippantly, what about swapping it for a D800 and they said.., no problem, just pay the difference. I walked out with a new D800E.

Smart move to switch to D800E. It seems that D600 has a design flow or serious manufacturing problem that Nikon has been unable to solve after 6 months in production.

Thanks Nikon and my dealer. The value of dealing with the authorised channel should not be underestimated.


I am glad that your story has a happy end. But the ending is bitter sweet. Nikon should not have released a faulty camera in the first place or at least have decency to acknowledge the problem. Canon did acknowledge it when one of their models had dust issues.


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