Taking care of my air blower?

Started Jan 7, 2013 | Questions thread
Doug J Veteran Member • Posts: 9,320
Re: Taking care of my air blower?

Allan martin wrote:

Do you think your blower seems to have aged in any way? I actually use giottos for other types of cleaning and all I wanted was it to maintain its flexibility.

I might try the zip lock if you say it works.

I believe that you might be over thinking this blower issue. I have no idea if the relative squeeze ability of my cheap blower has changed over the years. It doesn't have cracks, discoloration or other indications that it has reached the end of its useful life.

I squeeze it and it blows.

When it stops doing this, and/or shows physical signs of deterioration, I'll buy a new one, I buy inexpensive blowers, so a replacement is really very cheap. I'm more interested in lens & body maintenance, batteries for my strobes & external battery packs, etc. The blower doesn't make the cut in what I think about and plan for.

You have a new Giotto blower, toss it in a plastic baggie to keep it clean and go for it. Take lots of photos and enjoy.

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