XS1 versus Tamron 18-270 PZD on DSLR

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Re: XS1 VF Blues

Francis Carver wrote:

I don;t know about that, but I went to the camera store today and for the first time actually handled an X-S1. Wow, what an instant letdown! The supposedly "good" EVF was so jerky and slow at refreshing itself, I started in 24mm wide and kept zooming in, I was already at 624mm when the EVF still showed me something looking like it was captured at around 300mm, phew....

I estimated that the camera refreshed the EVF's image about 5x per second, i.e. one new image every 0.2 seconds (while zooming rather fast), is that pretty standard with the X-S1? If so, how you can you guys live with it -- and why? Are there work-around to the super-slow refresh EVF?

The X-S1 has a maximum refresh rate of 50 frames per second, not 5.  My X-S1 has no delay or jerking whatsover when zooming from 24-624 in any light.  However, there is some jerking when panning rapidly and sometimes between shots.  But again never while zooming.  Even while in AF-C mine doesn't jerk or delay while zooming.  I haven't tested all the options to see what might have caused your dilema, but clearly the camera you tried in not functioning properly.

Also checked out Sony Alpha 99, its allegedly OLED EVF was markedly better than the X-S1's, but still did not "blow me away." The Alpha 57's EVF was worse, but still refreshed faster than what the poor Finepix X-S1 was able to perform.

The zoom ring was fine to operate on the X-S1, but the focus ring so close to the body and being so narrow, it drove me up the wall.

Anyhow, after handling an internal zooming Tokina 17-35mm/F4 zoom on a Canon 6D and 60D, I decided that:

1. Optical VFs are actually better for the eyes than electronic ones;

One thing I like about EVF's is their ability to show darker scenes very bright, whereas WYSIWYG with a OVW.

2. Interchangeable lens cameras have one main advantage: if you do not like a particular lens, just remove it and mount something else. If you do not like the lens on the X-S1 or on any other fixed lens camera, however, you have to chuck both the lens AND the camera, right?

Just sayin...

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