Gear of choice for stiched mountain panorama's?

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Re: How can I Stich too ?

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I am looking for a leightweight compact combo that delivers results that really stand out (and have that exceptional "wow" factor).

- High end compact versus epl5 or epm2 versus OMD?

- kit lens versus 12/25/45/60 mm prime?

What combo gives the best possible stitched panorama?

A rock-solid tripod with level indicators and a head made with stitching in mind.

What would be your choice when weight and bulk restrictions are most important? At this moment i use an E420 with its kit lens. This combo has to much bulk, but i like to use the viewfinder.

I expect to take only one lens to the mountains. Personally i think epm2 + pl25 or OMD + pl25, that would also be a great general purpose combo. I would buy a cam with its kit lens and add 1 prime.

Thanks for your thoughts,


I stitch with whatever lens I have on. I don't think the gear makes all that much of a difference, although it can help. It's still the photographer that makes the difference.

Here's a 10 shot stitch, handheld, that I did yesterday with a $30 lens:

Great panorama... I Love it.....

But I have never done any panorama photos myself. I have no idea how to stitch photos together, and simply cutting and pasting them together in Photoshop seems tedious and hard.

I have taken many photos of landscapes with the hopes of stitching them together sometime later, but have not learned to do so yet.

I wish my GH2 had a panorama function built in like my friends Sony point and shoot camera does. OR i knew of a program that i can just drop 5 photos in and the computer figures them out and stitches them together..

Is there such a program out there?


I only discovered recently that there is free software thet does this job nice and easy.( microsoft ice for example).

The trick is to take pictures with much overlap, preferably in portrait mode to allow for cropping above and below.  Another omportant thing is to keep ligtning and focus constant. I use af + mf mode and swith than to full manual mode.  There some good on line procedures to learn the tricks.   A tripod is very useful, but there is no way i am going to take a tripod to the summits of the higest and most scenic summits in the alps.


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