I'm an idiot: Dropped my OM-D

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I was not that lucky...

when I accidentally drop my (not camera just a regular) bag inside with my OM-D and PanaLeica 25 1.4. The LCD of the camera colloded with the lens and smashed. It became useless, and did not operate at all. The cost of repairing is about the 1/6 of the camera's original price. Now I plan to buy a camera bag to avoid such situations. Take care of your camera more than I did!

Dave Sanders wrote:

Yup. Dropped it from waist height. It bounced even. It's a sickening feeling and it happened in silent slow-motion. I had my headphones in and was just wandering around on a rare sunny Vancouver winter day snapping some photos with my OM-D and 45/1.8. I have recently installed the excellent Gordy's wrist strap with pad so the camera was rather securely hanging from my wrist. Indeed, with the pad on the wrist strap it's actually quite difficult to get off, making what I managed to accomplish even more impressive. I suddenly had a realization that I needed to check an email so I grabbed my phone with my left and and quickly whipped the glove off my right hand...taking the wrist strap with it. OM-D did a half-gainer and bounced on the concrete as i stared with bovine incomprehension at my camera on the ground.

So, result: big dent on the rear left corner, smaller dent on the front right. The steel surrounding the LCD is also slightly dented on the lower left corner. Lens unscathed...totally fine. Not even a scratch on it. Camera seems to work just fine...AF, IBIS, etc. still functioning and the 50 or so photos I took on the walk home all seem OK. Tough little camera. While I'm disappointed my new camera has a battle scar, the fact that there are only superficial wounds to the OM-D and the photographers psyche is justification enough for buying a camera with a more substantial build quality.

Colour me impressed.

Dave Sanders

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