Sony NEX-F3 or Olympus EPM1/EPL3

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Re: Sony NEX-F3 or Olympus EPM1/EPL3

Panbot3000 wrote:

Well the only camera I have access to is my dads old Lumix FZ28 which is why I am looking for something now. I had almost decided on the NEX-5N but the body only which I mentioned is no longer on the website. The F3 is still there but I really liked the wider ISO range of the 5N.

The EPM2 tempts me but to get the body and a lens I would likely want would cost me nearly £700 which considering I initial started with a target price of £500 is becoming a bit too much.

For motorsport i'm guessing I would be best with a 200mm lens or longer?

I've never shot motorsports, but for anything far away, you will need length.   On Micro 4/3, 200mm is the equivalent of 400mm on full frame, but for NEX, it's only equal to 300.  That multiplier can make smaller sensors attractive for people shooting wildlife, and some sports, though for sports shutter speeds and light availability can be bigger problems.   Motorsports sound like a good challenge.  I've seen some amazing pictures -  I'll be looking for yours.

As for the ISO range, don't pay too much attention to the top setting or two - they are exaggeration on the part of the manufacturers and always uselessly noisy.   The F3 and the 5N use effectively the same sensor, so the actual usable top ISO setting will be the same, even if the 5N lets you set the number higher.   The main difference is that the 5N has slightly nicer controls, including the touchscreen.   The F3 is a half generation newer, so the differences are otherwise modest.   Many thought the F3 made the extra hundred for the 5N hard to justify, so of course it wasn't too many months before Sony came out with the 5R replacement.   If you can get the F3 for less than the 5N, there is little reason to hold out for a 5N, unless you love the touchscreen or one of the relative handful of other differences.   The 5R introduced more improvements to again separate the 5 line from the 3.  The older C3 also has a similar sensor, but even worse controls and a much smaller grip, so less to hold onto.  I don't like it so much, but the F3 is nice.

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