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Re: D5200 has shadow banding

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

Shadow pulling has become a bit of a fad with these new DSLRS with unheard of dynamic range, and it's a good capability to have. But pulling shadows globally more than two stops or so is going to make the picture look bad in most cases.

I agree. But then what is the need or importance (why do we care about DXOmark DR score?) of 14 stops of DR if we will not use it anyway because its ugly when presented compressed in the limited DR of the output medium?

Beautiful image. What DXOmark DR score must a camera have to produce such an image?

January 18th

A thought on D5200 DXOmark DR score in conjunction with Horshack observation . DXOmark testing does not take into account pattern noise artifacts. If such banding exists in D5200 shadows at base iso then the useful DR of D5200 will be less than that of D5100 when someone decide to take the full advantage of it in a single capture.

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