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Re: You want some rules?

Guy Parsons wrote:

Aeons ago when in camera clubs in film days I actually listened to all the visiting judges of the monthly competitions and summarised their comments as to the rules they seemed to use. That, based on notes that one of the judges lent me, became my composition hints page.

Be warned, all text and no example pictures. That's where the mind's eye comes in to imagine the scenes and situations without having to see the scene.

Regards...... Guy

I just saw your tips on composition on Tedolf's thread. Do you mind if I copy those tips onto my blog? It's just a small blog that I started yesterday and I thought it'd be helpful to keep the tips there. I will of course link back to your page and provide proper credit. Please let me know if that'd be OK. thanks

blog address: http://skpfoto.wordpress.com

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