need opinion from anyone who switched from 1DS3 to 1DX

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Re: Autofocus question

Kaoma wrote:

Have read this post am I am in the same boat, different direction...Looking to get a good landscape camera and I am torn between 1DX and 1Ds MKIII. Don't need the 15FPS and video of the 1DX but is the newest model...on the other hand, the 1Ds has 21MP and better color rendition. Shooting mostly landscapes and architecture for personal hobby and web posting. Please do NOT push 5D, 6D, 7D models, don't like child size cameras, looking for 1D model only (grown-up size).
Hard to find a new in store 1Ds MKIII and Ebay is full of abused ones sold as "great". Your oppinion please?

i think if there was anything close to a "perfect camera", 1Dx would come very near to that definition at this time! i bypassed the 5D2 model and now i thought about 5D3 long and hard but it could not overcome the idea of having a 1Dx, so, that is what i'll be getting very shortly i can understand that people are concerned about the high price of 1Dx in these difficult economic times but i believe the price of 1d3III was even higher when it came out. i have 1dmk4 right now and i do agree with you, once you get used to canon pro 1d bodies, it is very difficult to settle for anything else!


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