Trigger a 430 Speedlite (film) with 430EX Flash

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Re: Trigger a 430 Speedlite (film) with 430EX Flash

Earlier this evening I tried a couple of things.   Not surprisingly, the wireless function on the 60D was useless in triggering the 430EZ.  So then I tried an optical slave trigger on the 430 EZ.  The preflash from the popup on the 60D would trigger the flash, and then it wouldn't necessarily have enough power to flash right away when I took an exposure.  A couple of times I held the shutter button down and gave the flash enough time to recycle, and it looked like the flash went off but the resulting exposure didn't really seem to reflect that light - maybe it was a synching kind of issue.

Maybe this could be solved by focusing off a back button, I'll have to try that.

Regardless, I'm sure if I ever get it to work it will be in manual mode.  I have a 430EX but I also have two 430 EZ's from pre-digital days.  I hate to think I can't find a way to use them.

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