Pany 35-100mm Baptism of Fire...

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Pany 35-100mm Baptism of Fire...

Well I received my new Pany 35-100mm yesterday evening, just in time to baptize it today with an all-day (9 hr.) corporate head shot gig:-)

To say I'm impressed with the Pany lens is an understatement. It is compact, has a high quality feel and finish, and is definitely razor sharp.

I used it on my E-M5 to do two shots each of 250 employees. I used face detection AF on my E-M5 and out of 512 exposure did not have a single missed focus shot -- unreal!

While the E-M5 performed flawlessly, I learned a valuable lesson for the future -- the E-M5 eats batteries like candy on this kind of shoot, because most people want to look at their shots. I had two freshly charged batteries in my main camera and grip, three charged spares in my camera bag and another charged battery in my back up camera grip. By noon I was on battery number three and still had five more hours of shooting. I was feeling a bit panicky about the situation, so took my scheduled lunch hour to race across town to my studio to grab two chargers. Got back just in time to put two batteries on charge and start shooting again.

Is the Pany 35-100mm sharp? Well I can't post any of the portraits I shot, but I can post a 100% crop of one young lady's eyes below -- I'd say I'm happy with my purchase.

Also posted below is a shot I did of the lighting set up I used in the conference room. I shot this with my back up E-M5 with the 14-42mm kit lens.

God Bless,


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