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Re: D5200 has shadow banding

Horshack wrote:

davefootball123 wrote:

I disagree with your D90/D5000 statement. 8 stops? No way. I've tried to pull shadows back with my D90...it does good...but my D7000 is superior.

The D7000/D5100 is superior to the D90/D5000 in absolute noise levels/DR but unlike the D90/D5000 it's not completely banding free.

The D7000/D51000, which share the same 16 mp Exmor sensor, have better DR range (the same 13.9 EV according to the DxOMark sensor ratings) than the D90.  For this reason, files from the D7000 (and likely the D5200) have more exposure latitude in post.  With the D7000 (and likely the D5200 as well) NEFs, if you push exposure typical amounts in LR (around 2 to 2 1/2 EV), you will not see any major banding when processing images shot at low to mid ISO settings (100-800 ISO).

Pushing a camera anywhere 8 stops is not even remotely necessary.  Nor should any judgements whatsoever be made regarding sensor quality after an 8 stop EV lift.  If someone needs to push a RAW file that to such extremes, perhaps they would be better off reshooting it to get a more properly exposed image.

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