Video editing in CS6

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Re: Video editing in CS6

ProtoPhoto wrote:

The non-photography functions in Photoshop Extended (which video was until CS6) can be a bit problematic when it comes to books and other supporting resources.

I’ve got a number of Photoshop books, and the best for video that I know of is the Adobe Photoshop CS6 Bible (Dayley & Dayley, Wiley, 2012).

Call this a qualified recommendation. A reader spending many hours inside the mind of an author is a very personal thing, and sometimes the Dayleys and I get along, and other times we do not.

This is my second Photoshop Bible, and what is different about them from Evening, Kelby and so forth is the extensive information on non-photography uses. There are four chapters (113 pages) on video in Photoshop , and three chapters (82 pages) on 3D, which is a big interest for me.

Do keep in mind, that while CS6 both expanded the video editing functions and moved it to the standard version, I still wouldn’t call Photoshop by itself anything more than a primitive standalone video editor. The core concept is the Creative Suites and Photoshop has its own very powerful professional role to play within a group of programs. If you are interested in high grade video what you really want is Production Premium Creative Suite, with Premiere Pro at the heart; and then After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator in their supporting roles, further supported by Audition, Encore, Adobe Media Encoder, and other programs.

Thanks for your detailed response. I use the photography functions in CS6 99% of the time but I do have a few nice videos that I've done over the past few years that I would like to edit and CS6 would work nicely. I'm not interested in high grade video applications but I would like to learn all I can about the CS6 video editing functions. I will take a look at the book you recommend.


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