RX1 dead hotshoe

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Re: RX1 dead hotshoe

I solved it, in case anyone runs into this in the future. It is because the RX1 hotshoe is painted black, with a thin strip of bare metal contact on each rail. In order to fire, the camera provides continuity between the center button and thehotshoe rails. Nex 6 cameras have a bare metal hotshoe The whole shoe is ground on the NEX. The RX1 shoe is painted black, with a thin strip of paint scraped off for elctrical contact The flash I have has a plastic foot that fits into the hotshoe, and has a metal spring that grounds to the hotshoe. That spring misses the ground strip on the RX1. I stuck a thin piece of aluminum foil on one side of the RX1 shoe and the flash fired every time. The long term solution is to scrape off the black paint from the inside of the RX1 rails, but I will wait until my 30 day return window closes before I do that. Or maybe I will just get a different flash that lines up with the RX1 contacts.

I hope this makes some sense, basically the problem is that most of the RX1 hotshoe is insulated with black paint.

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