Netbook for traveling and sorting of photos.

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Yeah, netbook works pretty well for travel

Birch_Tree wrote:

I am planning to spend several months traveling later in the year, and looking for a small computer to take with me. Other then surfing the net, I mainly need the laptop for backing-up, sorting and viewing of photos. I doubt I would be processing raw files.... I use a olympus EM-5 so have decent size images to work with.

I was wondering wither anyone uses a netbook for such tasks? , are they speedy enough not to be irritating. I would love a ultra book but they are quite pricey.

I often take a 10.1" netbook with me when I travel. I installed the free FastStone to view photos (handles raw too). My netbook is a couple of years old, has Win7 Starter, Intel Atom N455 cpu, 1gb ram, and 250gb hd. It works fine for "backing-up, sorting and viewing of photos". I have used it for Olympus E-M5, Panasonic G3, Canon 60D, Sony A700, and Canon S95 raw files. I paid about $230 for it, but now you can get newer 10.1" netbooks with a faster cpu and bigger hd for about the same price. The one I have is an Acer, but Asus, Gateway, etc. make similar ones.

A netbook is small/light, but still has a keyboard and allows all the functionality that a notebook has so is good for wifi, email, Skype, etc. too.

By the way, I see that many people are advising you to get a super-duper netbook whereas you have pretty clearly stated what you want it for.  Those expensive computers are overkill if you just want it for the things you stated.  As I have said, I have used one for travel doing the things you want to use one for and I have done it for a few years (had a different one prior to the 2-year old one I have now).  Photos while traveling here:

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