35mm 1.8 OSS Test

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Re: New theory ... ?

blue_skies wrote:

I took 4 quick handheld shots, similar to Lee's setup, after I got home tonight.

Below is what I got. It can probably be improved upon further, but my results seems to confirm Lee's? But to a lesser degree?

I used LR to crop and convert to JPGs, using autoTone (hence variations in color rendering).

35mm @ f/1.8

35mm at f/2.8

50mm at f/1.8

50mm at f/2.8

I was playing with some other fast 35mm lenses (MF) and noticed two factors: minimum focus distance and angle of focus plane. Both factors can have an effect on the CA and the softening factor.

I took 4 more shots for comparison sake. First two are further away, and last two are closer in. To my surprise, the effect seems affected by distance? Or, to say this different - a minimum black outline has to be present for the lens to render properly, likely due to CA?

Maybe this test does NOT affect what we would see with a typical subject?

35mm at f/1.8 - further away

35mm at f/2.8 - further away

35mm at f/1.8 - closer in

35mm at f/2.8 - closer in

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