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TTMartin wrote:

Midwest wrote:

I can speak to the positive aspects of going Canon. They have an excellent system with many lenses available, Canon-brand and 3rd party, and probably at prices as good as or better than what you would pay for similar from any other brand. You don't have to wait and see if the 'roadmap' indicates that they will bring out a lens you want - it's a virtual certainty they've already been making it. There are many lenses available in the used marketplace also.

Canon is reliable. They do a good job of releasing product that's 'ready for prime time.' Another forum I visit, it seems half of that make's new models have some major flaw that requires sending the camera back for major repairs (new sensor, lens replacement, etc.).

They are just getting started in the 'mirrorless' market (not a concern to me anyhow) but in dslr they have a wide and mature lineup. Just a comment, while many people are clamoring for mirrorless, there are things a dslr does so much better than any mirrorless, such as shooting action and focusing much more quickly. I need those thing and giving them up to get a smaller camera would make no sense. (Some people will learn that for themselves the hard way.) The Rebel is not a huge heavy camera anyhow.

Re the T3i, I just bought one. For me it was on such a super deal I couldn't pass it up. I wanted to upgrade my older XSi for some of the things the T3i had, or did better. It's an excellent camera. The T4i is available now and sometimes at a very small price difference; I'd go with the T4i if money isn't an issue or if the price is close, but you won't go wrong choosing either.

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I agree with everything above, except unless the video focus feature is a priority to you, I've seen little to convince me that the T4i is worth spending more on than the T3i.

does the T4i have video focusing?

If so that would be something I might want to save up for.

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