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Re: D5200 Best in Class

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

A home run, Reilly? Not in my playbook. A solid 2-base hit, something that had to happen to stay in the game. Taken from the total system perspective, more like a strategic bunt.

Wow, you are hard to please. A camera that can produce a picture that few would be able to tell from a D800e, having equal DR, at least on paper, and outstanding color. For $899, destined to be a lot less? Are you kidding me? Nobody even dreamed of this kind of picture quality at that price a few short years ago. I would consider that a home run in anyone's book.

For my purposes on a 1080p monitor, 24MP is about as low as I want to look at critically for landscape or other scenario including lots of fine detail. With 4K monitors this year and in the future, this little unit will provide enough pixels to avoid being leapfrogged by viewing technology, as has happened repeatedly in the past, to say nothing of the huge prints that could be cranked out.

This D5200 should be able to produce results similar to a Canon 5DII at $3000, only with much better dynamic range and little to no banding. You can complain about missing features all you want, but you're not paying for them, you'll just have to ante up for the D7200. If you put this thing on a tripod or in a steady grip with the kit lens, you're three quarters of the way to a technically great shot, to say nothing of the 40G, 35 1.8 or the 16-85VR.

I've got no dog in this fight, as I'm already geared up, but I'm excited for all DXers to see what can be done with this affordable tech.


I bought one of the first D3200's and I agree mostly with your comments.

What's interesting to me, and I'm assuming yet again a boost in IQ for the imager in the D7000 replacement, is that whereas the arguments against the D3200 on IQ were pretty severe, what I am seeing now is a few grudging acknowledgements that "maybe" the DR of the D5200 is equal to the D7000, but why couldn't Nikon have stuck with 16 MP and given us even more DR?

Will the next argument be "yeah, sure, the D7200 has better IQ than the D7000, but why couldn't Nikon have stuck with 16MP and given us even more DR"? I haven't an answer to that last question, but it does bring into question whether Nikon should bifurcate the D7200 into a two different models, separated only by resolution/DR.

Please note (if it isn't obvious) that I'm using the D7200 only as a placeholder for the D7000 replacement.

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