Show of hands: 50 / 1.4 IS

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Re: Show of hands: 50 / 1.4 IS

Great Bustard wrote:

jitteringjr wrote:

I am waiting for a 50 mid range update to upgrade from my 50/1.8. The first to market Canon 50/1.4 II, or 50/1.4 IS or even a 50/2 IS (if is is tack sharp wide open) or a new Sigma 50/1.4 Art lens will get my money.

We speak the same language!

Its got to be soon though. Our 3rd child will be out of the oven in late May and I might just grab a C50/1.4 before then either to tide me over or if the AF is reliable, it might be all I want.

At f/2 and higher, the Canon 50 / 1.4 is brilliant. Only if you shoot below f/2 would I recommend a different 50mm.

There would be faster way to see a new mid range 50, than if I bought a current model.  And I want something better than the 1.8 for that rare first few months of the new ones life.  So I predict an April announcement with a November delivery time line.  That way I have to buy a new 50 knowing I am going to have to sell it in a few months.

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