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andreame wrote:

Keep hearing all the hype about full frame cameras by Nikon, Canon and Sony. I know that the ISO is better and they do better in low lighting situations, but is this really necessary for a good shot? Will Olympus ever do a full frame, you think?

If you use a 4/3 camera in good light (includes flash) you don't need to go into the high ISO range and you will get images as good as any other system under the same conditions. If you're looking at taking pictures of black cats in coal cellars, you'll probably have difficulties with any system. Use the tool as intended and it will work just fine. High ISO is nice, but not necessary, we got by with lower ISO ceilings in the past.

As for Oly producing a FF camera? Not much chance of that happening. Why would they, their glass isn't made for that format, do the math on retooling for a new line of lenses. If they even thought about a larger format, they'd be better off going all the way to MF, can't see that as a reality either.

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