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Re: D7000 x D5200

rhlpetrus wrote:

Look at these two graphs:

In the 3200-6400 range, the D5200 is almost 1 stop better in DR and almost 1/2 stop better in Color Sensitivity. Isn't that some improvement in just one generation of sensor design? And we are gettoing closer and closer to the theoretical limits of APS-C sized tech. Of course, one may find it more proper to reserve superlatives to even larger improvement steps, but given where we are now, I think this is very impressive. At base ISO I think we will not see any improvement before some radical change in technology or some change in processing, like I mentioned in terms of blending multiple shots to produce a RAW. Single shot IQ is about where it's possible in practical terms. For higher ISO values there's possibly room for improvement, but that will mean amplification plus filtering techniques, as is already done.

Yup, we're flinging the same graphs at each other. I started off my comments with both screen and print graphs.  The D5200 is less impressive at 100% (screen)...but downrezzed to 8MP (print) you're getting significant improvements at high ISOs. This is the perceptual improvement I alluded to that I couldn't quite see in the tangle.  At 100%, the D5200 is not as good at base ISO and only at most a 1/2 stop better at ISOs above 1000.

So I will eat a modicum of crow here.  Yes, there has been improvement. The D5200 is as free from pattern noise as the D7000 is, then there does appear to give a very desirable extra stop of ISO at 10EV DR as long as you print - which is what we're doing anyway when we view onscreen. Things don't change that much at base ISO. If you're going for the highest quality, you're right, we're going to have to do something radical to improve base ISO as much.

Thank you for pointing this out.  Now, can we get Nikon to include AF fine tuning?  Leave multi-point fine tuning to the big-body boys.

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