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Dangerous walking around


Scary, but there were no live wires anywhere in our area for 8 days.

I don't know if you remember my post before the storm about my frankentree, but it made it thru the storm because I previously had the two huge sections cabled to each other way up high. Whichever way the wind blows, the weight of the other section helps the vulnerable side.

We sat on our all glass back porch, west side of house luckily, (all the downed trees fell west, the direction of the storm) and watched/listened to the wind howl. I watched that tree and many others, bend, bend, bend, max was clocked at just over 100 mph.

Heard transformers blowing up all around us, saw power go out bit by bit till all gone, saw and heard trees snap and fall, it was something to remember. Next door lost 4 big pine trees, behind lost 3 big trees, we could not see, but heard all of them go down; in the front, we heard big trees and telephone poles snapping, and you saw the walk around the block afterward. We had both cars damaged, front of house damaged, but nothing really serious compared to others.

Could not get off the block for a few days, lost power for 8 days, luckily had small quiet Honda generator I got for Irene, no big water this time, 4 big sump pumps not really pumping, so I hot wired my furnace, power and lights here and there, coffee, toaster, charging stations/warm up for neighbors. Had TV with DVD player, but no cable. Since then, I installed a roof antenna, we get 44 digital stations over the air now.

Getting gas for cars and generators was a nightmare, primarily due to lack of information. I had several cans, so I did ok. Biig inexpensive generators need lots of gas, are way too noisy, neighbors without generators hate them. My little Honda, only 2000 watts, cost me a lot, but is very quiet and very good. Our house is small compared to the ones surrounding us.

I thought I had 25 gallons of gas in the two car tanks, turns out all modern cars have anti-siphon devices in the gas tanks, no way to get that gas, oh I was not happy. Back in 1973, first OPEC embargo, my big 9 mpg station wagon tank was my depot for my 37 mpg Volkswagen bug. Not this time.

We even finished baking bread, power went out just as Donna finished mixing the dough, friend had toaster oven. I knew when the power came back on 8 days later when I heard a noise in the kitchen, the mixer was still on.

frankentree, 30 feet west of corner of my house, glad storm was moving west

cable way up in tree connecting two halves to balance the weight above the split

neighbors big pine, 1 of 4 that came down in his yard, all away from his house, all fell short of houses behind

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