I'm thinking the xrite colorchecker passport is useless after reading this...

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Re: TRY QP card, easier quicker and better

I've yet to venture into the world of camera profiling, but I find it hard to believe that a really good profile (i.e. accurate to real world colours) can be made from just 24 colour patches.

When I've made printer profiles in the past I've used charts with 918 colour patches.

Wouldn't Nikon, Adobe etc. use far more than 24 patches when making their own camera profiles?

Aren't Nikon/Adobe profiles likely to be very accurate in standard lighting conditions (sun, cloud, flash, tungsten etc.)?

I can understand the purpose of homemade profiles in unusual lighting conditions (energy saving domestic bulbs, sports halls etc.), but for normal scenes?

Or is custom profiling more about normalising differences in sensor manufacturer? Can one D800 produce quite different colour from another D800 (with the same settings)?

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