What is your most desired firmware improvement for the E-M5?

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Re: What is your most desired firmware improvement for the E-M5?

richarddd wrote:

highwave wrote:

I guess I'm a minority in this option but for whatever it's worth,

Ability to assign ISO to one of the two dials.

I know you can use the right direction button for changing ISO but it's no where near as handy as assigning it to a dial. That's such a huge upset for me when I bought the camera that I almost returned it. I'd rather control ISO than exposure. It seems it's easier to fix wrong exposure in post than it is to reduce unnecessary noise due to too high an auto ISO setting. I mean the whole point of IBIS on primes is to bring down the ISO to ridiculously slow shutter speeds. ISO control on the OM-D as it is now is downright annoying.

You can assign Fn2 to ISO, then push Fn2 and turn a dial

What's your preferred method for setting shutter speed, aperture and ISO? For image quality purposes, you want the most exposure (light on the sensor) consistent with desired motion blur and DOF, so long as you're not clipping. Increasing ISO on the E-M5 doesn't increase noise, other than indirectly by reducing exposure (increasing ISO does reduce dynamic range).

that's not a very practical solution

I tried assigning the ISO setting to a button (like Fn2 or the right direction button). If you do that you would have to readjust your grip of the camera every time you want to change the ISO.  You wouldn't have to do that if you had the ISO assigned to a dial. And even if you didn't have to readjust your grip, I still don't see why they can't give the user the choice of assigning ISO to a dial. ISO setting is a major one that does deserve its place along with exposure, aperture, and shutter control.

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