So I ordered an Em5 with 12-50mm

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Re: So I ordered an Em5 with 12-50mm

I've got the same package on the way.

I have the panny 20/1:1.7, the pnany 45-200mm, and the panny 14-45mm from an earlier purchase of a used G1 and lenses from a fellow who wanted to get larger Canon DSLR stuff. The G1 became a G3 for my wife's video and stills interests, and it's OK for that but not enough for me. this OM-D is my great hope for escape from the burdon of full sizzed quality cameras. I sure hope it measures up to it's reviews!

I've been lugging a 5Dm2 and an early 1Dn with a good range of Canon lenses. It requires two big bags and a couple of straps to bring that stuff along although I'd usually leave the house with the 1D and 24-105mm Canon  - a lens I don't really think much of beyond it's convenience. Even that is a chore to carry so I'm really looking forward to changing out all of it for Oly m4/3 gear. I tried the first EPM1 small Olympus but sold it almost immediately for being too slow. Finally the 4/3 gear is extensive and this body can make use of it with competency.There sure is a lot of beautiful work being displayed in Flickr.

Since there were discounts and rebates I added the sister kit 45-150 Oly and the 60mm with macro all on one invoise so I can collect $300. in rebates to put toward the 75mm 1.8 andI tossed a  45mm f1.8 onto an order of Hartz chew bones for our new puppy - LOL! wait'll my wife gets the credit card bill for those bones!

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