35mm 1.8 OSS Test

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Re: 35mm 1.8 OSS Test

cptrios wrote:

I'm sorry but in what world is that wide-open shot "horrible?" That looks absolutely standard for a consumer-grade f/1.8 lens, and looking at the results from the 50/1.8 just makes me think that that lens is particularly impressive. And then, it appears that the 50 isn't exactly sharper than the 35 - it just has better contrast and less fringing/halation.

Even the fantastic Sigma 50/1.4 is about the same when stopped down to f/1.8. Here's a handy comparison of the Sigma and the Canon $100 nifty fifty.

We can of course argue about the 35/1.8's price, which, even for something with IS, is rather high...but it's still absolutely a consumer-grade lens and appears to perform quite well for one. Lee, have you tried it in real-world circumstances? Or even on the same object but at a bit larger distance? I imagine you'll find that results are perfectly acceptable when you're not looking at black text on a white background...though if that's going to be a common subject for you it might be a problem!

Go out and actually use the lens, and shoot that same box from across a room rather than right up next to it. I'm reminded of the lens on the X100, which doesn't perform fantastically wide open on close subjects but sharpens up significantly once you're 8 or so feet away.

I will go and perform same test when I get home, find it hard to believe that this is it.

Below are some f/1.8 shots from this lens.

Gallery at this location and shows some comparisons with other lenses.

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