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Re: As long as it doesn't fix...

nixda wrote:

volothamp wrote:

nixda wrote:

Bernie Ess wrote:

Or allow changing the focus point by simply operating the 4 direction buttons, without having to press the AF button first.

The direction buttons are already used for setting shutter speed. If you think about it for a second, you'd realize that your suggestion would necessitate a complete redesign of the interface.

Not at all: let's just give an option to disable the direction buttons for shutter speed and any other options and use the dedicated buttons for that.

+1 Focus point without pressing AF

What would you suggest for setting shutter speed? The thumb wheel perhaps? That's already taken for other things.

Huh?  This baffles me.  Do you mean when the camera is set to T?  Happens so rarely that I would not mind going into the menu system for that.  Can you get back to us with an explanation, please?

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