Panasonic 7~14mm or Olympus 12mm ?

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Re: Panasonic 7~14mm or Olympus 12mm ?

slimandy wrote:

BingoCharlie wrote:

Why not rent for your big trip and decide on your purchase later?

Thats a good call t.b.h. but I'd rather buy and try. I don't mind chopping and changing a bit but it's cheaper to get it right straight off! I can borrow a 7~14 but I can't borrow a 12 to compare it to. I'm already thinking the 7~14 is bigger than I want and it doesn't take filters, but if the 12 is not significantly better than the kit lens I'll skip it and see what crops up down the line.

First off, welcome to the forum.

One lens that I believe you may be dismissing is the Olympus 9-18, which would almost perfectly replace your Nikon 17-35 with an 18-36 focal range.  While there are some who criticize its IQ, it is actually a very good performer.  It is also tiny.  I also have the 12mm, and it is a notch better than the 9-18, but I still use my 9-18 regularly.  For low light, the 12mm cannot be replaced with either the 7-14 or 9-18.  The 12mm also handles flare much better than either of the other two.

The only other correction is that the 12mm is better optically than the 12-50mm.  I have what I consider to be a very good copy of the 12-50 and the 12mm is noticeably better.  The 12-35 from panasonic is much closer to the 12mm, but I would still give a slight edge to the prime.

If it were me, I would start with the 9-18mm and add either of the other two to complement it depending on your needs.


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